3D Objects Framing

Framed 3D objects allow us to decorate your work environment or any ambiance with almost anything you wish to display.

The frame package is basically the same: frame, backing board, glazing, and mat board if necessary. The framing process of 3D objects depends first of all on the item’s depth and weight.

The frame, called shadow box, must have a deep rabbet. The rabbet contains the mat board, mounting board, glazing and the object or artwork. The rabbet’s depth indicates just how much space is there for all the components. The backing, either a mat board, extra-thick mounting board or foam board is utilized to hold the 3D object in place.

When it comes about making a shadow box the objects need to be attached to the backing board. Attaching the objects in a shadow box is one of the trickiest parts of the process. There are numerous adhesives to use, based on the item’s material, weight and value. There are many creative ways to attach items to shadow boxes.

3D Objects Custom Framing

  • Protects and displays your treasured objects
  • Provides professional and secure framing of your items or 3D artworks
  • Enhance the look of the framed item while providing protection from handling, damaging UV light and dust
  • It is unique, expressing the company or the institution’s style and image.

There are two types of 3D framing:

  • Shadow-box framing
  • Acrylic box framing

Acrylic Box Framing allows 3D objects to be displayed and viewed from more than one point of view. It is a modern and stylish way to display your treasured items.

If you have an object or set of objects you'd like to protect and exhibit, contact us and we'll discuss the structural and aesthetic options.

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