100% Archival Conservation Picture Framing

The terms archival framing or conservation framing are used throughout the framing industry, referring to certain framing methods utilizing the very best picture framing materials and practices to ensure that the piece of art will last.

It is important to know that cheap mats and frames can damage the artwork.

Non-archival ways of mounting the artwork, cheap mats and frames put acidic materials in contact with the art piece. The acid begins to migrate into the artwork discolor it and age it.

There are some elements that make up an archival quality frame, each with a specific role in conserving the framed artwork. 

Archival Picture Framing at Sean’s Framing

At Sean’s Framing we value and protect your artwork using for archival picture framing:

  • special glass or acrylic which can filter out almost 99% of ultraviolet rays
  • acid-free mat board - archival mat board is usually made from alpha-cellulose or cotton
  • acid-free adhesives

These high-quality materials will keep the artwork looking sharp, protecting it from sunlight or from other sources of light. We frame things without using tape and just boxing it in so that nothing is attached to the artwork. This way everything is well preserved and taken care of. We close the box airtight with the paper on the backing.

We strive to provide 100% archival conservation picture framing services for San Diego County-based professional and commercial settings, decorators and interior designers.

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