Art Restoration & Frame Repair

Frame Restoration at Sean’s Framing

A frame restoration can mean a single repair, such as a broken corner, or a complete frame remake that may include casting, sanding, carving, rejoining and gliding.

All of the frames we receive for repair or restoration have a long history behind, a personal one for those who own or acquire the frame. Every person knows that special detail that will make their frame perfect for them. A bit of touch up here, some replacing there and everything will be like new.

Our main goal is to do as much or as little as it will take to offer our San Diego County based corporate clients or interior designers that perfect frame.

Art Restoration at Sean’s Framing

We offer oil painting and vintage frame restoration service. The owner of Sean’s Framing, Sean Garrett is a certified oil painting and vintage frame restoration specialist. He takes great care throughout the process, knowing how much each painting means to the customer.

Our professional restoration services include:

  • New varnish applied
  • Removal of darkening or yellowing varnish from the painting
  • Mold removal
  • Smoke and dirt removal
  • Repairing scratches, tears, and holes
  • Fixing loose and chipped paint and restretching loose canvas

Important: We will always discuss with our clients the best way of restoring the painting, and we can provide written quotations on request for insurance work. The most important thing is communication and collaboration throughout the entire process.

We offer institutional and corporate frame restoration and art restoration services in San Diego County.

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