Classy and Unique Memories with Reclaimed Materials

Classy and Unique Memories with Reclaimed Materials

You may not have given a lot of thought to it, but, in many cases, reclaimed materials are an amazing solution to making or fixing everyday objects. Here are just a few reasons for considering re-purposing suitable materials in your interior design projects:

  • It's good for the budget. You're going to get a different quotation for a reclaimed frame, obviously. And the quality stays the same.
  • It's good for the environment. Less waste, less garbage, less work for mother nature when dealing with human leftovers.
  • It has a vintage look that adds class and patina. There are very few places where a touch of vintage art is misplaced. It just looks elegant.
  • It is not mass-market – no one else will have a product just like yours. That is, maybe, the most important consideration. You don't want something personal, important, delicate framed in a standard Ikea frame; it somehow just detracts from the special attributes of that object.

I discovered this when making a frame out of pallet wood – and it looks so good.

Pallet wood is often overlooked

True, it's not grand enough to build stuff out of, but it's just sturdy enough to use for frames. And the best part was, it only took me an hour to go from clunky pallet to fancy frame. It's got a rough vintage look and goes great with a bit of clean real estate around the centerpiece – in this case, a newspaper cut.

The clear area serves to elegantly showcase the object without subtracting anything from the artistic quality of the frame itself. Just the way I like it, because I do believe that the frame should serve to emphasize art, but have artistic merit in itself.

What does a reclaimed pallet frame go with? Depending on the tint, perhaps a vintage photo, sepia prints, a colorful abstract modernist painting, an antique-style small mirror or an inspirational print.

The new life of the reclaimed wood

In the recent years, decorators were increasingly bringing once-used materials in their interior design projects. It’s a trend that aligns with the current drive of sustainable living. The most common example of this is the popularity of reclaimed wood frames. It is inexpensive, delivering a shot of natural texture and it is an essential ingredient of the modern rustic look.

Eco-conscious designers have been utilizing quite often reclaimed wood in residential and commercial interiors. Using reclaimed-wood flooring, bed-heads, cupboard doors, bookshelves and picture frames transform the look and feel of any interior. It becomes more warm, grounded and authentic.

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