Give Your Trophies a Special Spot on the Wall

Give Your Trophies a Special Spot on the Wall

We are a very original custom frame store that works with clients from the San Diego area since 1999.

Our goal is to turn your project into art, as we will help you with everything from the choice of board colors and texture to the design and layout.

We custom frame anything you may want to be framed, from historical documents, newspapers, magazine articles, rugs, puzzles, to paintings, collectibles, art, musical records, instruments, sports item or even military uniforms. We can also frame for our corporate clients' awards, trophies, diplomas, company logos to be displayed in a professional manner.

Why Is It So Important to Frame the Objects You Care About?

Framing sports memorabilia such as medals, trophies, awards or even jerseys is a perfect method to preserve memories. 

We have many ideas that you can choose from that will compliment jersey colors, adding a chromatic burst to your home setting. Moreover, custom framing offers a series of benefits you just cannot find in a prefabricated product, for example, if the items you think about framing are not a standard size or shape, you will not likely find a prefabricated frame. Custom frames give you the possibility to design your product step by step, from size to style and color.

Finally, custom framing is the best way to ensure adequate protection is provided against fading, moisture or other forms of damage throughout time and your priceless items are not at risk.

Why Should You Choose Sean's Framing?

It can seem very easy to give in to the impulse of buying a frame from a store because, let’s be honest, the satisfaction of instantly receiving the desired item is great, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that when it comes to custom framing, you will have to wait for weeks and weeks. We never miss deadlines and we personally handle deliveries, additionally offering the guarantee that your products are managed with care.

Also, if you don’t have an idea for your project yet, we will be happy to work with you to select the frame that will go perfectly with your memorabilia and look stunning wherever you choose to display it. What is very important when we visit our clients is that we are able to show people how would the frame look in their desired setting and make recommendations accordingly.

Lastly, going on the premise that you wouldn’t be framing it if it wasn’t important to you, we always make sure that your special items are properly framed, preventing possible deterioration. While a lot of ready-made, beautiful frames are not made to last, you can rest assured that the frames you purchase from us are resistant and will most likely last a lifetime, because they are made from high-quality materials.

We will always do our best in ensuring that your favorite objects are correctly preserved, elegantly framed and quickly delivered.

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We are a reliable framing company. We utilize premium materials, offer personalized services, free consultation as well as free delivery and installation. Call us at 619.246.7547 and we will be glad to discuss with you the details of your framing project.

Meet Sean and Deb

We handle large orders and offer on-site planning and consultations in San Diego County.

We meet you at your facility or office and bring samples and help with planning recommendations for placement of the frames.

We make all frames right in our custom framing shop located in San Marcos, CA.


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