Following the Instructions to a T

Following the Instructions to a T

In the framing business, obviously, people use different types of wood. After years of working with it, you become more proficient in using it for a various number of tasks.

Even though our firm specializes in building frames for a great variety of objects, we can also do all sorts of side projects. The most recent example would be a project for an interior designer. He had to make a completely new design for a house. He had this bold idea to display in the teenager’s room, a coat hanger.

The catch? The teenager’s name is Travis, so he wanted it to be the letter T, to add some personality to the room. We closed the deal and got to work.

A very interesting job

The interior designer sent us, at our request, a photo of the wall on which he planned to hang our work. We wanted to have an idea of the color and size the coat hanger should be. The walls are white, with a huge grey poster taped to the wall. We thought that to make a nice contrast, the coat hanger should be black. We took a solid piece of wood, and cut it in the shape of the letter T. We then coated it with quality paint to make sure it won’t fade out or chip and break off. The most challenging part was to install the hooks. We had to be very careful because if something went wrong, huge pieces of the board would have broken off and our work would have been ruined. Fortunately, since we are experts in this business, we attached them without any problems. We mounted it on his wall and he seemed really pleased with the final product.

Dare to think outside of the box

We really liked working on this project because it was a welcomed break from monotony. Although building frames is a business in which attention to detail is paramount, it is also nice to work on other types of jobs and continue to challenge ourselves and branch out our firm. I would like to encourage our readers to try and ask for different types of projects, as we have proved time and time again that we can handle it perfectly. Whenever we have something unique to work on, we do our best to meet the client’s expectations in both quality and looks.

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