Framing is not just for pictures and mirrors

Framing is not just for pictures and mirrors

I like to think of myself as a creative thinker. In my line of job, I’m always on the lookout for new styles and ideas. Every great artist knows that to create something truly spectacular, you must get out of your comfort zone and explore different concepts. A right frame-job can make or break a room and I’m here to make sure it’s not the latter. When most people hear about my company they usually think I just pretty-up mirrors or pictures. That is a very boring way of thinking.

Why not frame a statement piece, an important document, a treasured award, a diploma, even your trophies that you won during your lifetime, to have a beautiful reminder of your greatest achievements in your office?

Everything can be framed

A client recently came to me and asked me to frame a movie poster for him. When I heard it was for “The Godfather” film, I couldn’t refuse. This is the type of ingenuity, imagination and even a little sprinkle of quirkiness I like in people. We installed some lights and framed the poster with quality aged wood to encapsulate, both literally and figuratively, the movie. Due to our attention to detail and respect for our work, the frame, just like the film, is timeless and it will never wear off.

The difference between mundane and spectacular is in the details

Some people could argue that taking some duct tape and sticking the poster to the wall would have had the same effect on the overall look and feel of the room. I couldn’t disagree more with such a statement. Doing this will give off a careless feel, maybe even a child-like one, as we all did this when we were young. A good frame is made carefully, by hand, with quality materials specifically selected for the job.

With dedication in this line of work, a beautiful frame can make absolutely everything look more interesting, mature and classy. As you can see from the picture, “The Godfather” poster immediately stands out because of the lights, the detailed, dark frame and the contrast it makes on the wall. You would even be forgiven if when you saw it, you would have mistaken it for a vintage collectible piece. This client was very satisfied with our work and if you want to experience the same kind of quality job done at an affordable price, we have an offer that you can’t refuse.

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