Framing your most precious memories

Framing your most precious memories

There are a lot of special moments in someone’s life. With this said, very few can be compared to your wedding day. The day you seal the deal and decide to spend the rest of your life with a special someone is the number 1 best memory in many people’s lists. I always thought, though, that throwing your dress in a box and keeping it in the back of the closet is peculiar, to say the least. Well, it looks like I wasn’t the only one thinking like this.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from an interior designer. She had a client, a woman who just got married. She said that her client wanted to display her wedding dress in their new home, so she had the inspiration to get it framed. Her client loved the idea, so she came to us to help her in this project.

I must admit, I never did a job like this so I was really excited to work with her. She came to us and brought over her client’s wedding dress. It really was very nice, so I understood why her client wanted to be able to look at it daily.

An aspect I really appreciate in my clients is when you can see that they are interested in the final result. There are some customers who just tell me what to frame and then wait until it’s finished. I would like for them to be a little more engaged, to give their opinions and preferences, to give ideas and debate the best course of action. I was really happy when I had this opportunity to work with an interior designer who had it all planned out. She instructed me to call her before any decision and talk it out.

I called her to see what she had in mind. The metal frame was my idea, but she was brilliant when she suggested we use gray linen as the box lining. It creates a beautiful contrast with the whiteness of the dress and makes it stand out even more. We photoshopped an approximate image to see how the final product would look and we all loved it.

A Unique Piece of Art

When we finished our work, we delivered the dress to its owner. She was incredibly happy when she saw the result. The spot in which the interior designer decided to hang the dress was in the living room, by the front door. She said that it is the perfect spot to showcase the dress and every time her client leaves the house, she can look at it to remember that very special day of her life.

What I liked most about this job was the fact that someone found an interesting alternative to something as mundane as packing a dress and putting it in a box. Because of just a little bit of imagination, not only does our client have a very beautiful piece of art full of significance, but if she has a daughter, the dress is well preserved and she can use it. And who knows, by writing this, maybe I gave some of you ladies a nice idea on what to do with your wedding dress after the happiest night of your life.

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