Installing a Green Wall

Installing a Green Wall

Not many people have heard about the concept of a green wall, myself included.

Thankfully, a client came to my firm recently, asking me to frame a vertical garden for the lobby of his firm. Before I accepted, I quickly researched what these are, to see if I could actually do this job.

After reading about them, I took the deal.

Not only are they an interesting concept for a novelty type of interior decoration, but they are also a welcomed challenge to our skill.

What are green walls?

Green walls (also known as vertical gardens, living walls or ecowalls) are panels with plants attached to it that are then hanged on the wall. It is a very interesting concept, one that took off 30 years ago when Patrick Blanc created one of the most famous living walls to date. They can be installed indoors and outdoors, with various amounts and varieties of plants that can be used. Green walls are made in a very inventive way: most of them are actually soil-less! Instead, companies use a porous material that imitates soil, to make the wall itself a lot lighter and less messy. With an intricate design, most living walls are self-sufficient as they have an automatic irrigation system. Of course, for people looking for cheaper ones, they can choose to buy a simpler model and water the plants themselves.

The benefits of the green walls are the things that I find most interesting! Besides cleaning the air and looking very beautiful, they are also helping with noise reduction and with the improvement of morale! It has been discovered that being surrounded by vegetation can make people feel more calm, content and happy.

So it’s the perfect decoration for any company, home or institution. Besides the positive effects a green wall will bring to a workplace, if it’s framed in a professional and inspired manner it will add a touch of style to the environment, pleasing both the employees and the clients.

How do you frame green walls?

Framing green walls is no easy task. They have to be correctly framed and mounted in order to allow the plants to survive and thrive. Our client had plants that can live in difficult conditions, so we wanted to choose a type of wood that seems more rugged and raw. We decided to use oak-wood. After we framed it, we had to help mount it. A special vertical railing was attached to the wall, alongside with the water system hidden behind it. Normally, there would also be installed supplemental lighting, but these types of plants don’t need so much care so the lights weren’t necessary. Without patting our own backs, we believe it looks gorgeous and the client seemed to share our opinion.

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