Knowing you did a good job is the best kind of reward

Knowing you did a good job is the best kind of reward

All of our clients who used our services know that our attention to detail and the work put into every individual project is unparalleled. No matter how big or small a contract is, we make sure to make our clients proud and not only match but also to exceed their expectations.

One of the best things in this type of business is the fact you get to see how happy you’ve made someone. The kind words and all the thank-yous make me love my job and remind me to strive for perfection each and every time.

Recently, I got some letters from the University of California San Diego and they made me incredibly delighted when I read them.

When UCSD reached out to me, they wanted my services on different types of projects. The first ones were to frame different paintings to hang in the hall and a print of a painting from 1908 to hang in the lobby. We also had to frame some beautiful botanical prints. I wanted to make my clients happy that they chose us, so we researched the facility thoroughly to ensure that what we did was spectacular. As in most hospitals, the walls are white. Because of this fact, and because the paintings had vibrant colors, a darker frame was used in order to make them catch the eye of whoever comes through there. The flower prints were encased in smaller black frames with a white background to break the monotonous look of the room. The entire staff of La Jolla its pleased with the look.

Next, UCSD asked us to build something to hide the computers in the exam rooms. I wanted to make something simple, modern, but also something beautiful to look at. We cut pieces of plexiglass and anchored them to the walls. We attached different types of photos on them, so the PC wouldn’t be seen. This way, we created plexi sandwiches that conceal the computers but also act as different paintings for the rooms.

Lastly, we built a nurse awards cabinet for UCSD. We made a sturdy frame with 12 plexi glass containers that can be opened, to put inside the pictures and names of all the different nurses who won various awards. This project had to be done properly because honoring the hard work and dedication of someone is important business. By the looks of the nurses, I believe that we did them justice.

Thank you, UCSD

I am extremely humbled and happy that my work has made you proud. Your kind words, both in person and from the cards you sent me, have shown how much I have grown and that I still have to keep learning and evolving to keep all of my customers as satisfied as you. I want to thank you for all the compliments and well-wishes and if you ever need my services again, I will make sure to work at least as good as I did on my last jobs.


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