Not everything has to have significance

Not everything has to have significance

Most people, in this day and age, tend to overthink things. Everything has to have a meaning and it’s not enough anymore to enjoy something just because it’s pretty. It has to be important or useful in some way. Recently, I had an occasion in which I showed a friend of mine that, sometimes, even the most simple and random things can look pretty and be enjoyed. This friend of mine is an interior designer who recently started a new project decorating a new apartment. The new house was really nice, modern with nice furniture, but she said she doesn’t have any ideas yet for the walls. She was looking for ideas that resonate with the minimalist style preferred by her client. With empty walls, the room looks too simple. Then she came up with a great idea and that was something incredibly simple.

Simplicity does not equal uselessness

She looked up on the internet generic photos of fruit and printed them and asked me to custom frame them. They were on a white background, so I decided to use an ebony frame to really create a contrast and make it instantly noticeable.

As soon as I was finished, I called my friend to show her what I made. She was really impressed. She likes the simplistic look, the idea, the fact that they were, practically, just splashes of color which could brighten up a dull-looking wall.

A simple design can be a beautiful idea

A common idea is that if an object is not complex, flashy or bursting with details, it is not worth displaying it. I believe that is not a good way to think when decorating your house or office. From what you can see, it does not take much to brighten a room or make it more beautiful and interesting. By using some simple pictures of fruit, drawing some colors and using a good frame, a boring white wall can suddenly come to life.

I try to give this advice to anyone who comes to me: "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". If there is something that you like, display it, be proud of it, don’t hide it thinking it’s not complex or interesting enough.

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