Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

I am a firm believer that excellence comes only by walking a road paved with hard work and dedication. Everyone can pick up a new skill and be experts on that subject, but it will never be easy. Always learning and practicing may seem very hard, but it will yield the greatest results. After years and years of practice, you will see yourself slowly evolving from student to master.

This is true in all aspects of life, including the framing business and….ballet!

A lady recently came to us and asked if we could help to install a ballet barre in her newly opened studio. To sweeten the deal, she said she also wanted it framed with the beautiful mirror she has in the studio, so her students could watch themselves while practicing.

It was a real challenge, so we accepted, and quickly began working on our task. We had to research what a perfect ballet barre looks like and even talked to some ballerinas to get some tips on how to build one. We decided to use white birch wood for the barre and we cut it down from one piece and varnished it to make sure it is perfectly smooth and durable. Then we bought some wall anchors to safely attach the barre. After some measurements in our client’s studio, we were ready to install the mirror. We framed it with metal and hanged it on the wall then we had to cut a small square in the middle of it for the ballet anchor and attached them to the wall and slid in the barre. The project was finished with success the client even demonstrated a few ballet moves to test if the barre was stable. Now, she has her ballet studio completely prepared for her classes.

How ballet barres are used

Since we didn’t attend many ballet recitals, we didn’t have much info on the training necessary for it. I know it is not an easy type of dance, but I was really surprised by its complexity and how precise the moves have to be. We saw the client first use the barre to help her properly stretch her muscles to ensure maximum flexibility. From what we gathered, the barre is almost used as a sort of measurement tool, to ensure that every step and dance move is executed correctly. With a hand always on the barre, it also provided the dancer with stability to ease with the practice. After seeing all of this, I must say I have a newfound respect for this type of art and I may even take an interest in it.

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