Tips for Hiring the Perfect Custom Framer

 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Custom Framer

Most personal photos we take end up in photo albums, but there are those that are so meaningful they need to be framed. Framing artwork does not allow for any mistakes, as framing itself and the proper protection of the artwork is critical to maintaining its value.

Finding a framing company that meets your needs is as important as protecting your artwork. A well custom framed piece speaks volumes about your taste and personality, while also improving the overall appeal of the artwork.

There are plenty of framing companies out there. Some better than others, some to be avoided. But how can you tell which one you should turn to?

A few tell-tale signs that you should keep an eye out for when browsing for a framing company

  • A professional, standard archival, quality frame shop will only use 100% cotton rag or other all natural and reversible materials in their mats and appropriate archival protective processes for framing.
  • Framers who offer archival framing services will use linen tape to secure the work of art to the mat so it does not shift in the frame.
  • Cellophane tape, masking tape or another adhesive such as basic glue to hold down a piece within a frame should NEVER be used by a framing company that provides archival framing.
  • Professional framers offer methods to keep the work of art away from the framed piece of glass without using mats. Artwork should NEVER touch the glass!
  • In addition to a specific skill set, framers must have experience in the field, which is especially desirable if you need to frame a valuable artwork.
  • Stay away from framers who do not want to spend time answering your questions or help you make smart decisions about the right frame for you.
  • Having the capacity to take directions acutely and work from your ideas is another quality to consider while searching for the best custom art framing service in your area.
  • Ask to see examples of their work and some testimonials. A trusty framing company should provide you with plenty of reviews, testimonials and examples of their work.

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