Unusual Jobs Can Be the Most Fun

Unusual Jobs Can Be the Most Fun

Most of the time, all the jobs include framing a picture or an object. There are times, however, when clients come in with odd requests that are incredibly creative. Last month, an interior designer came and asked us to build him a sliding door for a closet! He said that he wanted a big door with a mirror on it. His argument was that technically we are just framing a mirror.

I must admit, at first I wasn’t really sure how well I’ll do on this job. When sketching out a plan and working on the details, I figured out the obstacles and it became clear how we will proceed with each one. I visited with the designer his client’s house to measure how big the door should be and see what materials I should use to make the overall look more beautiful.

I saw that he had white walls so we decided that we should use maple wood to make it blend in. I decided to go with a simplistic style, without too many details attached. I cut some thin lines on the mirror so it wouldn’t look too bland. The wood used was varnished so it wouldn’t scratch and it would be preserved better. The materials were premium quality so we could combine something pretty with something durable.

Imagination is beautiful

What I liked most about this job was how unique it was. I appreciated both the request and the argument the interior designer gave us to accept this job. Even though we didn’t do this before, I am extremely proud of how it turned out, and I hope that more and more interior designers will come to us with such inventive projects.

Although many people might think that the work we do is mundane or repetitive, you can clearly see that it is not true. Throughout the years that I have worked in this business, I have met many clients, home decorators and interior designers with quirky ideas that inspired me. Making something beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean that it must have tons of details or accessories attached to it. It may as well mean that you built something unique, something simple and imaginative.

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