Update your Old Medicine Cabinet by Adding a Frame

Update your Old Medicine Cabinet by Adding a Frame

Some things around us are so familiar that we can’t imagine them any other way than what we’re used to. Come to think of it, though, there is no reason why a plain door should always be plain, why a shelf should always be a simple linear thing or why a medicine cabinet should always look like everybody else’s medicine cabinet.

I like to take things – and people – out of their comfort zone for just a bit, and see whether the new place might actually feel better. It often happens that way, and you’ll never know until you’ve tried.

I had this project with an interior designer who wanted to transform her client’s bathroom into a stylish and trendy space.

She had the inspired idea to transform the plain medicine cabinet somehow into a trendy statement piece. Bathrooms can be elegant with just a few touches here and there; so why not the medicine cabinet?

Except that in this case there isn’t much you can do. It has to be convenient, and you can’t alter the shape much, can you? So, it was our task to come up with some ingenious ideas. It’s true that you don’t have many options when it comes about transforming a plain medicine cabinet into a statement piece of the bathroom. But there is one thing you can do: you can always custom frame it. Pretty much anything can look important and interesting in the right frame.

Imagine framing a napkin on which your significant other first slipped you their phone number. Or using the boards from your kid’s first swing to frame their B.A. diploma. You see what I mean? The right custom frame makes things beautiful and interesting.

You can always add class with a classy frame

Any object in a house can be revived or lifted out of ordinariness by placing around it the appropriate frame. (Trust me; I’ve seen dead objects metaphorically come to life with the right touch.) An experienced interior designer can do a lot of things in your house, with minimal costs and to great effect.

For instance, a home decorator can take a plain medicine cabinet and make it look like a high-class mirror by simply adding an elegant frame.

In this case, we made it look elegant, but you could, in fact, choose anything:

  • playful with a multicolored frame,
  • vintage with an old wooden frame,
  • kid-friendly with dots and stars along the sides,
  • hippie with a glass-tile frame finish.

Just don’t let plain things be plain anymore.

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