What Happens When We Are Making a Frame?

What Happens When We Are Making a Frame?

By talking to some people, I recently found out that they do not actually know what we are doing when working on a frame job.

They know that we do original work and that we take great care to please our clients, but when it comes to the ins and outs of it, they are completely in the dark. I wanted to write this post to talk about a recent job and explain exactly what we did.

Recently one of our clients, an interior designer, came to our firm and requested to make a custom frame for five beautiful paintings. She had this project for a family, a completely new interior design for their beach house. I’ll use this as an example because it is a usual type of request.

We aim to make everything completely original

First of all, we talk to our clients about specific details that they would like to get. We ask about where they would like to hang it, so we can make it blend in, we ask if they would like special features (such as carved wood, special glass, if they would like to hang it with nails or bolts) and other things like that. We calculate how much the job would take, the cost of it and if everything is ok, we close the deal.

For this specific job, the designer asked us to carve the frame of one of the five paintings she wanted to display in the house and make it look more special, the rest was up to us. When we looked at the painting, we decided to use mahogany to contrast the light colors of it. We put it on a white linen cloth and encased it in the wood. The client wanted to hang that specific picture in the bedroom and the bed has leaves carved into the headboard. We wanted to make a theme out of it so we took a saw cutter and made some models to try and replicate fern leaves to look more interesting. We didn’t think that putting in a glass over the painting would have looked good so we left it like that. After we finished, we used bolts to screw it onto the wall to ensure better stability.

You may think that it would not be worth paying extra money for a custom frame, but we strongly disagree. The thing is, when we work on something we plan everything, from the design to the quality of the materials used. You would not get this type of service anywhere. By working with us, you can be sure that 100% of the time you will get a quality, durable product which will look great in your house.

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