What to Be Aware of When You Choose a Framing Company

What to Be Aware of When You Choose a Framing Company

When it’s about an institution, a company or an interior designer sooner or later they will require the services of a framing company, either for a work of art, a certificate, a diploma, awards or collectibles.

With works of art, the framing will be especially important, as framing and the proper protection of the artwork are critical to maintaining a work’s value. Thus, it is highly important to select a framing company that has experience in dealing with artwork.

There are many ways in which framing can go wrong: in terms of value, if your artwork is not framed properly, it can receive significant damage, and, in terms of the framer’s experience, his or her carelessness could result in a piece decreasing in value.

Even though you know several professional framers in your area, look for reviews, tips and any other useful information provided by both the framing company and their clients. Apart from choosing a frame that complements your art, be sure to choose something that does not sacrifice protection from insects, dust, particles and dirt just for the sake of the look!

5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Framer

When choosing a framing company for your artwork, you should have a few questions in mind that you must ask the framer. This will allow you to analyze what the framer is capable of, and if he or she will be able to provide you with custom framing services that meet your personal needs.

Most framers will happily sit down and explain the process to you so that you will be informed. NEVER leave a work of art with a framer who has not convinced you that the work will be cared for properly! Consider asking the following questions:

Q: Is the frame solid hardwood?

A: Solid hardwoods are expensive, but worth it in terms of artwork protection. Make sure you get what you pay for.

Q: How much does the frame cost?

A: Wood frames are usually more expensive than metal frames or composition frames. The total frame cost will be influenced by: frame size, details, form or style, gilding, whether it is handcrafted or not, specialty stains, carving techniques and many other factors. The framing company should give you an estimate for your frame. 

Q: Is it ok to drymount valuable antiques or work of art?

A: Drymounting is fine for inexpensive pieces like posters. The process of drymounting uses heat to attach the artwork to a foam core board or cardboard backing forever. It would significantly decrease the value of your artwork.

Q: What is the difference in price between UV glass and regular glass?

A: Typically, UV glass will cost about 40% more than regular glass.

Q: Will there be space between my object and the frame?

A: The purpose of a spacer (and a mat is basically a type of spacer) is to provide an area of space between the work of art and the glass. Condensation, dirt, dust, and tiny particles can build up and adhere to the glass in your frame, so if the artwork touches the glass, it will surely be damaged.

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