You Should Take Extra Care of Important Things

You Should Take Extra Care of Important Things

There are a lot of important things in someone’s life. They can range from close friends and relationships to an old toy with a nice memory attached to it. I strongly believe, though, that the most important element in life is family. Family photos are a wonderful way to capture a happy moment and cherish it forever.

We have a large area of expertise and there is no request that could defeat us. With this said, most of the projects we get involved with are peculiar or difficult framing jobs. Not many people come to us with photos to frame. I think that this is a mistake. Readers might think that buying a frame from Walmart and hanging it on the wall is just as good as a custom one. That is completely false.

An experienced framing partner for interior designers

Like furniture, fabrics, the well-designed framed and family pictures, displayed art, are essential visual impacts which align with the personality and personalized space of your client. Sean’s Framing has served the interior design community in the last fifteen years with professionalism.

We like to work with dedicated interior designers. You bring your inspiration and ideas we offer our experience and professionalism.

We provide:

  • professional design, selection, execution,
  • on-time delivery and secure installation
  • inventive wall décor solutions for interior designers
  • assistance in the process of sourcing, buying and hanging art

With over 15 years of experience, a wide array of products and services we are the framing partner that understands the interior design industry.

When an interior designer comes to us with his client’s personal photographs, we make sure to make them happy that they have chosen us. We do not just stick some wood together and deliver you the frame. In this type of job, we want to transform it into a piece of art. We calculate what colors to use to make it stand out, what type of wood would work best and what design should be used. Usually, we even call the interior designers we work with to show us where they would like to put them so we know how to make the design work. It may seem like a lot of time spent on just a few photos, but we take pride in what we do, so there are no half-measures.

What are the benefits of a custom frame?

We already stated that important memories should be kept in safe conditions. Besides making them look more beautiful, we use top quality tools and items to make our products durable. When framing a photograph, we want to ensure that it will never break so the wood is hand-picked by us in every job. We use special glass in our framing to make sure that it is durable in case it is hit or it falls and it is specially designed to protect the photograph from sun or light damage. Even though your client might pay a little extra money for a custom frame, you are sure that it is there to stay.

Custom Framing Projects for San Diego County-based Interior Designers!

At Sean’s Framing, we are aware of the latest interior design trends and we have all the means to go above and beyond when assisting interior designers to complete their projects successfully.

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We handle large orders and offer on-site planning and consultations in San Diego County.

We meet you at your facility or office and bring samples and help with planning recommendations for placement of the frames.

We make all frames right in our custom framing shop located in San Marcos, CA.


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