Custom Mirrors

A framed custom sized mirror in a room adds just the right stylish look that anyone is seeking. It really makes the difference! Selecting a frame that will work best with the furniture, the lighting in your work environment and the sizing is important when we talk about framing a mirror. With the proper use of framed mirrors, you can open up any small space. A simple mirror can be transformed into a piece of art that brings style, elegance and creates the illusion of more space in the ambiance.

An artistic framing transforms not only the mirror but the look and the atmosphere of the entire environment. Foyers, hallways, side entrances, stairways or even offices will appear more spacious and elegant with professionally framed mirrors.

Custom Made Mirrors by Sean’s Framing

At Sean’s Framing we custom made hundreds of new mirrors ordered to the specifications and sizes requested by decorators and interior designers, we also worked with existing mirrors on the wall, worked with mirrors that are already glued to the wall and we altered the frame in a way that it lays nicely and looks like it’s hanged on the wall. We frame:

  • straight mirrors
  • beveled mirrors
  • antiqued mirrors

We paint molding. You just need to select the size, bevel and placement you desire and let us help with your mirror framing project. 

We have over 15 years of experience working with decorators, interior designers, gallery owners and with corporate clients in all San Diego County.

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