Plexi Sandwiches & Plexiglass Boxes

Plexiglass Boxes

A Plexiglass Box is a genuine and creative way to showcase:

  • your special objects, collectibles
  • artwork, photographs, prints
  • awards, documents that require a modern or frameless look.

Here at Sean's Framing each Plexiglass Box is designed and manufactured meticulously and professionally.

Plexi Sandwiches

A Plexi Sandwich is two pieces of plexiglass with artwork or photographs sandwiched in between them. At Sean’s Framing, we design and fabricate exceptional custom Plexi Sandwiches and Plexi Boxes that are well built and aesthetically pleasing. We custom make many sizes. Typically the plexi part is larger so that the client can have clear see-through area border around the artwork.

Plexi Sandwiches and Plexiglass Boxes manufactured by Sean’s Framing

We start by exploring all the framing options with our client, create the design and begin to manufacture the Plexi Sandwiches and Plexiglass Boxes. It is a creative and inventive process. An example of this type of project is the Offset Plexi Sandwich we made for the UCSD to hide the computers in the exam rooms.  We work with corporate clients and interior designers, deliver and install Plexi Sandwiches and Plexiglass Boxes anywhere in San Diego County.

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