Shadow Boxes & Deep Shadow Boxes

The shadow box originates from a Victorian tradition of crafting. That involved layering different drawings and materials to create a realistic depiction. In our days has many forms, all forms involving 3D objects fixed in place behind a picture frame. Typically the shadow box manufacturing has four major parts:

  • Cutting the framing wood
  • Assembling the shadow box
  • Preparing the inner background piece
  • The final touch, finishing the process.

Shadow boxing is a combination of creative framing and archival expertise.

Custom Shadow Boxes Manufactured at Sean’s Framing

Creating custom shadow box frames is an inventive and creative process for both the framer and the client. After the consultation with the client, we start to design and build the shadow box.

We work with high-quality materials to ensure maximum preservation:

  • special glass
  • wood frame
  • acid-free backing and inner elements

Part of the challenge with this kind of framing is being able to float or hold the item in place, whether that entails needlework, tie down, silicone gluing; we have a lot of different techniques and processes available for mounting items in a shadow box. As the frame has to be taller than the item is, we build sides out of fabric and foam to float the item.

Shadow boxes are ideal to protect and display elegantly:

  • 3-dimensional artworks of various dimensions
  • college and high school diplomas, awards, promotions
  • special objects that reflect your company’s image

We design, manufacture and deliver shadow boxes for corporate clients and interior designers in whole San Diego County.

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