Frames for Flat Screen TV & Monitors

A simple flat screen TV hanging on a wall has nothing special.

A flat screen TV framed by an experienced and talented framer in a stylish frame adds a touch of elegance to any environment.

The carefully designed and manufactured frame can make all the difference.

Flat screen TV framing has the following benefits:

  • provides an elegant, finished look
  • it is personalized, one-of-a-kind 
  • hides all the unwanted cords and cables
  • you can select any style

Flat screen TV and monitors framing at Sean’s Framing

Each frame we manufacture is custom made out of the best materials.

We will explore all the framing options with our client and start to create a unique design and begin to manufacture the frame.

The challenge of this work is that the surface around a TV is not the same all around so attaching it from the back becomes a provocation, it needs adding extra wood to the back or engineer framing support material to make it fit.

Instead of a common flat screen TV, you will have a beautifully framed TV that brings elegance to your office or work environment. We design and execute flat screen TV framing for San Diego County based interior designers, commercial and professional settings.

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